Police brutality

Police brutality

Some police are becoming more dangerous because they are often violent toward people, some are becoming criminals themselves, and some are abusing the power of their position. Some police are becoming more dangerous because they are often violent and aggressive towards people. One of the reasons is they are becoming more militaries in their training and mind set. A candidate for the Washington 8th congressional district said ” beat cops have been replaced by special ops. This tells us all that the government is trying to militaries our police officers to deal with situations as If they were in a war. I think this Is becoming a huge problem because now the police are being taught to shoot first to protect themselves then ask questions. There was a circumstance where a little boy and his friends where playing in the street with toy aircrafts guns. The boys were playing and a cop happen to drive by them during his patrol. The police officer then proceeded to get out of his vehicle and hide behind behind the door.

While behind his door he yelled to the kids to put down the guns and get on the ground. One of the kids quickly turned towards him and the cop fired his weapon. The cop did not even ask any questions and did not even estimate to shoot. It was later discover that the aircrafts gun had a orange tip on the end of the barrel. This is a requirement for B guns and aircrafts guns. It allows people to realize that they are fake guns. The cop said he did not even see the orange he Just saw what looked like a real gun a feared for his life.

He was later suspended for a month with pay. This example showed how some cops are becoming more militaries and defensive. This should not happen In our local law enforcement. They are here to protect us and serve as a garden not as a special ops agent. Another thing that they would not be allowed to do is be suspended. If someone outside the police force did this they would be put in Jail and possibly put in prison with a murder charge. Some of these cop are just getting a slap on the wrist and told to stay home for a month to clear there head, while getting paid.

Some police are becoming more dangerous because they are often violent and aggressive towards people. Another one of these reasons Is they will take a calm situation and turn it Into a Intense and horrible situation by beating or harming person they are trying to detain. Some of this has to do with people refusing to operate and fighting back, but some of are Just getting harassed and being forced to be handcuffed and arrested. Some are even arrested and beaten from telling an officer he has constitutional rights that are being violated and the cop just continues to push his way.

In one case there was a African American family that got pulled over by two cops because the wife who was driving was not wearing a settable. Normally the cops would Just write the driver a ticket and send them on there way. In this circumstance the wife asked her husband to get the papers that the cop asked for and the cop lulled a gun on the family. The father then told the police it was the paper and the cop asked them to get out of the car. With no reason to get out of the car the family refused.

After the cops told the family to exit the vehicle a few Noreen times one of the through the other cop dazed the dad and pulled him out of the car and proceeded to rarest him. After they got him up and handcuffed they started leading his to the police car with the taker still in is back. The father started to wiggle and yell at the officer because he dazed him in front of his three kids in the back seat, and the cop gazed him again and held it for quite awhile.

After they got him in the car they proceeded to get in the car and arrest the wife leaving the kids in the car. This shows that cops take situations way out of hand if they are given a little attitude and are not getting what they want. In the news letter a reporter said “that the cops had no reason to ask them to get out of there car and they took thing way to far. ” By telling them to exit the car and then forcing them to is violating our right as an American citizen, and should not be taking lightly by the courts.