TLS quote is attributed to the bible. It’s when god told Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Abraham had a choice to obey or to disobey. He chose to obey. He took five servants and a donkey to the top of a specific mountain. He told the servants to stay with the donkey and they will be right back. As Abraham and Isaac went to the very top of the mountain Isaac started to become very confused of why there was no animal to sacrifice.

Abraham had to bind Isaac up and Just as he raised his knife an angel came down and ordered him to stop and not hurt the boy as he had proven himself to god. Then as Abraham looked over he saw a ram stuck in a bush and sacrificed the animal instead of his son. This can relate to today because a lot of us have to prove something to someone one time or another. We might have to prove ourselves to our friends, family, bosses, and even our teachers. For example, our parents might have us prove our obedience to them and in return we would get trust from them.

We might have to come home every night on a specific curfew but after not being late for several weeks your curfew would be extended to a later time. All in all this quote is about trusting someone and doing as they ask even if you’re skeptical or don’t agree with what you are being asked to do. If you trust the person you’ll obey and in the end you will get something out of it and it’ll be worth it. References Caved, Jack. “Sacrifice of Isaac – Bible Story Summary. ” About. Com Christianity. N. P. , n. D. Web. 19 Gag. 2013.