Police Brutality

Police Brutality

In modern day America police brutality occurs quite often. Police officers are using unreasonable forces on criminals, which are causing lots of chaos. People are getting seriously Injured and killed. These horrific actions have to be extinguished. Reasonable can be defined in many ways. According to Malarial-Webster definition reasonable means being in accordance with reason, not extreme or excessive, moderate, fair, and having the faculty of reason (Merriam-Webster, 2012. O. .). Someone who is reasonable has good Judgment.

There are various ways that law enforcement can be viewed as reasonable. An officer who is reasonable will be much more efficient and useful when working on the job. For example, an officer who is reasonable would make good decisions and would remain impartial when making an arrest. Determining whether or not police force was excessive or brutal is plain and simple. The Injuries of a criminal would show what type of force was used upon the criminal. If a criminal has excessive bruises, breaks, tears, etc. The police officers obviously were too brutal on the criminal.

If a criminal decides to fight back the officer should take control of the criminal with force and once the criminal Is contained that should be the end of it. Even though the criminal broke the law by assaulting a police officer, the officer should not retaliate back with violence, it is immature and it shows vulnerability when an officer does that. If in fact a criminal decides to shoot then should the officer be able to take lethal action and shoot back. I do believe that if an officer feels that they’re in eminent danger then they should be able to shoot/take in order to defend themselves.

Rodney King’s case was determined to be excessive due to the wounds and injuries he had. Video surveillance was also an influential factor in determining whether or not It was excessive. Video surveillance can’t always be a reliable source now a days due to the types of technology we posses I. E. ; Photos. Outside Influences Like opinion, religious views, and historical background will affect an officer’s actions. A police officer might be racist and believe that the white ace is superior to the black race: this opinion will have substantial influences on the job.

When this officer is encountering an African American the officer will most likely show no mercy and cause serious harm to the criminal, which is not fair. Some officers practice racial profiling and are pulling over innocent minorities for no reason, other then the fact that they are a minority. This is discrimination, which is illegal. Someone who is a Roman Catholic may against homosexuality, based on their religious belief. Therefore an officer who is encountered with a criminal who Is gay might show no mercy.

Another example Is an officer might have a dark history; perhaps he/she’s friend/family member was killed In 9/1 1 . An officer might have hatred towards the Middle Eastern nationality. This could affect the way an officer Is on the Job; an officer might use lethal force on a Middle Eastern criminal for no reason other than personal revenge. Things like this do happen: it is unlawful and Police training can be improved in many ways. Police should be taught alternative says to take down a criminal with out using excessive force.

Martial arts could help an officer protect them selves without using excessive force. Police officers should be taught how to keep their personal opinions/views out of their work. Police Officers should be offered counseling to help control their life problems because these problems could possibly be brought out onto the working field. More police offers should be required to carry around takers. Takers are an alternative to physical force; these takers could save criminals from long-term injuries. When hiring a police officer there should be a background check and an IQ quiz.

A background check will show if there is anything shady in the applicants past. An IQ test will show how smart an applicant is, being more knowledgeable helps an officer in that they will be more reasonable and will most likely not use excessive force. Police brutality occurs all through out America. It is unlawful and unfair for someone to be tortured like that. Cases of police brutality have caused lots of chaos. Innocent people are getting killed/hurt for no reason. These horrific cases have to be put to an end.