Impact of Police Brutality

Impact of Police Brutality

Police Brutality Can you Imagine walking Into your local Tellers and getting your coffee for free? Can you Imagine being able to drive as fast as you want, make a u-turn whenever you want and run through as many red lights as you want? Can you imagine having an army of men at your side with one phone call? Can you imagine driving, and at the flick of a switch, every other car moves out of your way? Seems out of reach for the average person, well, that is the daily life of a police officer, and if you were given that much authority, would you abuse it?

Police officers are not only trained to uphold ND respect the law but It Is made very clear to them that they are not above or Immune to the law themselves. Although they seem to believe they are. Due to the amount of power and authority given to police officers, they must be held accountable for any criminal actions. Many of you are probably wondering why I chose this topic, and it is simply because it has probably touched every single person in this room, whether you witnessed it, heard about it or were a victim of it yourself but nothing Is being said or done to stop it. I’m not sure how many of you attended

Blood West Villages annual Ukrainian Festival last weekend but If you did, there Is no doubt In my mind that you are thinking about the hundreds of armed police officers patrolling the festival as if it was a federal prison. Now I ask you, why would they do this? Why do police officers feel they have the right to treat the average citizen like a criminal? There are many incidents across Canada involving the RECAP and Regional Police Forces, in which they are accused of abusing their authority and power, such as unjustified deaths including, but not limited to, the death of Robert

Deskills In October 2007 at the Vancouver Airport, the unnecessary arrest and searches of hundreds of Innocent people during the 620 summit. There are countless videos and eyewitness testimonies to these occurrences, yet they go virtually unnoticed. Now I ask you, who is policing the police? A recent incident involving police brutality was the shocking assault caught on camera by officer Geoff Mantled in Keelson, British Columbia. Mantled was accused of assault causing bodily harm, after Instructing a suspect to get down, and as he proceeded to get on his ands and knees, the RECAP officer kicked him In the face.

As a suspect, you are innocent until proven guilty, therefore if you are complying with police, they have no right to assault you. This officer’s actions were intentional, deliberate and appalling to say the least. Now I ask you, what was the punishment for such a crime? Mantled was suspended from the force with pay. Sounds like more of a vacation to me! Do you think this is an adequate punishment for kicking someone in the face? I most certainly do not! Geoff Mantled should be charged with assault causing bodily harm, Like any other citizen would be.

Due to the “Blue Shield,” which Is better known as the police code of silence, is simply the unwritten rule that all police officers will not to report against another colleague’s errors, misconducts or crimes. Police officers rarely go against this code because doing so would cause unrest within the department, and other consequences such as having your own misconduct exposed. Due to this, It is clear that police cannot be trusted to conduct their own internal needs an independent agency dedicated to investigating allegations of police conduct and excessive force in order to ensure accountability in these specific incidents.

An external agency, free of political interference may help to restore some of the trust, confidence and respect of the RECAP and regional police forces, which has been undermined by recent incidents of police misconduct. If police forces feel that they can assault people in broad daylight with multiple witnesses and get away with it then we can only imagine the things they think they can get away with when nobody is looking. Now I ask you, who is policing the police? Currently, it is nobody, and something must be done about it!